Welcome to the second edition of The Monthly Upshot – a magazine style update on the month. It’s been a really busy month for me and I haven’t had a great deal of time to update the website. This month I’ve added a section on software so I can highlight some great applications – which are mostly free! We’re in the middle of Summer so releases are a bit thin on the ground but there’s so much to look out for in the last quarter of this year!

What We’ve Been Playing

Battlefield 1 Alpha

Watch Wilkinson’s video: Alpha Gameplay 2 – Plays.tv

Watch Wilkinson’s video: Alpha Gameplay 2 – Plays.tv

Really enjoyed playing the Battlefield 1 Alpha. The game looks absolutely stunning and considering the game is in alpha, a lot of the mechanics and gameplay felt really smooth. Still a little while to go until release but this game has a lot of promise. Here’s a video clip of one of our founding members playing.

Bounty Train


I stumbled across this game in the Steam summer sale and I have to say it’s really great. As a fan of Hell on Wheels the setting for this game was perfect – albeit set a few decades after. You start by inheriting a train, and a few carriages from your dead father. From there, you must find the rest of your family and build up your railway empire. All this happens whilst you try to avoid getting hi-jacked by bandits and people wanting your precious cargo. Bit of a slog at some points and can be frustrating but definitely worth picking up.


Watch Hinks’s Overwatch video: Capturing and holding a point with Reinhardt – Plays.tv

Watch Hinks’s Overwatch video: Capturing and holding a point with Reinhardt – Plays.tv

Even though the hype train has left the station, Overwatch is still quite fun to pick up and play. The latest update has now been released bringing on Ana, a support class sniper who can heal from long range and also inflict damage from afar. My favourite weapon in her arsenal is her sleep dart which can incapacitate the largest of heroes down temporarily.



[Insert joke about name here] – as soon as I started playing this, I could hear the sniggering from friends on my Steam list. Ignoring anal related jokes, this game really caught my attention as it had the same look & feel as Prison Architect – a game I absolutely love and have clocked up a good 50+ hours. The core premise of this game is about survival and colonisation after your escape pods crash into Rimworld. Every game is different and this is helped by clever AI which can be set at the start of the game. So far I’ve managed to build a fairly significant town but after a while a mad turkey will come and kill my entire population…no kidding! The game is expanded even further with Steam Workshop support which adds so much to the game. Still in early access, this game has a LOT of potential.

This Month’s News

* 6 New Lego Expansions Planned
* Cossacks III Announced
* More Pokemon Go Bodies Found
* Chewbacca comes to Star Wars Battlefront

Software Picks

Speccy is great for getting a snapshot of all your hardware, including all temperature information and usage. It’s a really lightweight piece of software and completely free from Piriform’s website. Download here.



If you are a regular visitor to the blog, you’ll notice that a lot of the linked videos are captured using Plays.tv. Out of all the video capturing software I’ve used in the past this seems to be the best so far. Even when playing the most intensive games, I’ve barely noticed it recording in the background and the quality of the exported videos is fantastic. Download here.


Upcoming Releases We’re Excited About

No Man’s Sky – August 9th 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – August 23rd 2016
World of Warcraft: Legion – August 30th 2016
Mafia III – October 7th 2016
Battlefield 1 – October 21st 2016
Sea of Thieves – 2017
*Note: Dates are subject to change

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